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As in the days of Noah (Noe) – Chimeras, hybrids, sodomites of all stripes, one universal language, one super dictator, and a fascist socialism that makes Hitler’s Germany seem like paradise and the West and its so called educated idiots are violently shoving it down our throats as fast as they can with words like: diversity, science, fair trade, environmentalism, and global warming.

We are the same beings with the same weaknesses and frailties that our earliest Biblical ancestors possessed. This may come as a direct challenge to modern theologies, such as the New Age movement or other pantheistic religions, including Gnosticism and the secular religion of evolution, but it is true. Satanic doctrine, prettied up by the death dealers to confuse the world under the moniker of science and spirituality. It is total enslavement.
It is for these…

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Surfing Sunboy: Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation read…

Surfing Sunboy: Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation read…: My 4 year old wetsuit has a CPM radiation reading of 76. A brand new wetsuit – never in the water – 32 CPM. Still, both numbers are muc…

Virgin wetsuit vs 4 year old wetsuit radation readings

My 4 year old wetsuit has a CPM radiation reading of 76.

A brand new wetsuit – never in the water – 32 CPM.

Still, both numbers are much higher than pre Fukushima, which was 7 CPM.

Readings taken with Inspector Plus, pancake geiger counter.

IF you enjoy the beaches of the western US or Canada…

Please take a shower and wash yourselves thoroughly – including under the fingernails – when you get home. Do not let that sand or ocean residue stay on your body or clothing any more than necessary.

For the sand and ocean is contaminated with radioactive nuclide particles that are constantly emitting beta and gamma radiation that is TOTALLY HARMFUL TO BIOLOGICAL LIFE.

There will come a time when we won’t be able to go to the beach any longer. That time is very near in the future, more than most realize. Radiation particles BUILD UP and do NOT dilute over time.

Fukushima has changed everything

My wetsuit radiation readings

Checked my wetsuit for radiation rad counts – deadly gamma and beta radiation – and it clocked out at 76 CPM, which is off the scale! Normal radation since the era of atomic testing is around 7.


My wetsuit has seen only Pacific Ocean water for the last 4 years, since it was bought, replacing an earlier one, which replaced the one before it, and so on.


Boogie boarding after 2 hours surfing in RADIOACTIVE WATER

Surfing Sunboy: Ventura, Calif Radiation Readings: Faria Beach

Surfing Sunboy: Ventura, Calif Radiation Readings: Faria Beach: Happy to report, lowest radiation readings this year on our beaches! Sand 55 CPM Air 32 CPM Water 62 CPM Readings taken at noon, 5 kno…

Ventura, Calif Radiation Readings: Faria Beach

Happy to report, lowest radiation readings this year on our beaches!

Sand 55 CPM
Air 32 CPM
Water 62 CPM

Readings taken at noon, 5 knot on shore breeze.

Inspector Plus pancake Geiger counter. Averages over 3 minutes.

Helen Caldicott – Fukushima: Crisis Without End

A disturbing change in the beaches of Southern California…

Also, this disturbing factoid regarding a change in the ocean currents no seems to be

reporting on.

Every year, in November, in California, the ocean currents take away the sand from the

beaches. Every year. In April, every year, they redeposit it back on the beaches from where

it is dumped on the continental shelf.

The last two years, this has changed dramatically.

This year, the sand DID NOT come back in April, it came back the last week of August and

now, the last week of September, the sand is being removed again.

In the 30 years of my being a beach guy on these many shores, breaks and beaches of SoCal,

I and everyone else has never seen this. You used to be able to set your watch by this


What causes the sand shifts, is the shift in ocean currents from the North in the winter

months to the South in the summer months.

Now it’s random, unpredictable, and each year since 2011, it’s endless weirdness.

But the government knows it, cause they are dumping massive amounts of rocks and sands all

over the beaches of Ventura and LA county. That we’ve personally seen and documented.

But try and find one article or anything about it anywhere. Stranger still, the surf web

sites are dead silent on the quite obvious and amazing new paradigm shift.

That earthquake on3-11-11 did something HUGE to the ocean no one is being told about,

though the effects are very visible.


Just remember this about all that climate change Angenda 21 programming being laid on us.

Mt Saint Helens blew more CO2 into the atmosphere than the entire output of all of earth

since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Here you can see the sand being removed by the tides and currents. This picture was taken on 9-28-14 by myself.
Sand erosion – the sand used to be out about 50 feet from where the man is standing and that was only a WEEK AGO. Last week!

Sand erosion, two months early and after being on the beach only 30 days instead of the usual SIX MONTHS.

Waning summer days…friends, bros and funa

Arrival of bros and boards

From one end to the other, and all points in between

Awesome! Let’s go again!

New friends, surfers from Malibu

Must have water…NOW!

Surf boards to boogie boards, we’ll drive anything that floats

The Machine

Muey bueno

Let’s go chill, dudes

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